How To Get More Visits On Your Photography Website

If you’re a photographer, chances are you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your website. But what good is a website if it’s not getting any traffic? And what good is traffic if it’s not converting into paying clients?

One of the things that people will say to you is that you should invest in a good camera for your craft. However, that’s far from being the only thing that you should have in your website. A good camera will help you take shots but there are other ways to get more clients to flock your website.

If you’re looking to get more clients from your photography website, here are 7 surefire ways to do it:


1. Optimize your website for search engines

If you want people to find your website, you need to make sure it’s optimized for search engines. That means using the right keywords throughout your site, including in your titles, descriptions, and image tags.


2. Use social media to drive traffic to your site

Social media is a great way to get more eyes on your photography website. Post links to your latest blog post or portfolio update on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And be sure to include a call-to-action (CTA) so people know what you want them to do once they land on your site.


3. Make it easy for visitors to contact you

If you want people to get in touch with you, make it easy for them to do so. Include a prominent contact form on your website and make sure all your social media links lead to your website.

There should also be a “Contact Us” page on your website so that there’s one exact place where they can get all of the info they need. That said, you should make sure that you are reachable on a wide number of platforms. Social media platforms, email, phone numbers, all of those.

If you can, invest in  a chat bot so that you can reach out to your clients immediately online.


4. Offer something of value for free

People are more likely to visit your website if they know they’ll get something out of it. So why not offer something of value for free? This could be a downloadable PDF guide, an online course, or even just a helpful blog post.


5. Use high-quality images

As a photographer, you know the importance of using high-quality images. The same goes for your website. People are more likely to stay on (and take action on) a website that looks good. So make sure your images are sharp, well-lit, and relevant to the rest of your site.


6. Write compelling copy

Your website’s copy should be clear, concise, and persuasive. After all, you want people to stick around long enough to take action on your site. So take some time to craft effective headlines and calls-to-action (CTAs).

A lot of photography business owners often forget about this part of the job. It’s not just about photos and videos. Copies are able to show off what your business is fully about as well.


7. Test, test, test

Finally, don’t forget to test everything on your website. Try different headlines, images, and CTAs to see what works best. And use Google Analytics to track your website’s performance so you can continue to improve it over time.

By following these tips, you can be sure to get more clients from your photography website. So what are you waiting for? Start optimizing your site today!