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Welcome to Impact Photography, a service that guarantees to give you more than just an image! Please feel free to explore our website, have a look at the services that we offer, and meet the various team members!

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Impact Photography offers a wide range of services that vary from Wedding Photography to Corporate Headshots.

We believe that passion is the key to a good photograph is passion and, for that reason, each and every one of our photographers has been hired because they have demonstrated that special spark that is needed to bring a photograph from standard to magical. The company has been around since the late 90s and in its 20+ year history has risen from a small start-up to a large enterprise, with offices and locations all across the United States.

Max Steiner, the founder of the company, started as an amateur photographer who enjoyed taking pictures at people’s weddings. The joy he felt in seeing the reactions of the happy couples on their special day led him to form his own company, and he is so proud of the work that Impact Photographers does.

For the company’s photographic history, click here to view a presentation that showcases our favorite photographs taken throughout the years! We have everything from events, people, nature, architecture, and art, as well as special edits such as vintage, soft, black and white, and collages!


Most recently, Impact Photography was lucky enough to have a presence at the Rock Fest Music Festival, where we were able to get some truly wonderful shots of famous artists performing, as well as the reactions of their audiences. Our pictures included shots of bands such as Avatar, The Other LA, Cowboys From Hell, and Sweet Addiction – to name but a few!

This summer, we will be featured at the world-famous PhotoPlus EXPO, in which we will be showcasing our works throughout the year, as well as offering signed copies of various photographers by their respective photographers. We will also be offering a free seminar entitled “What makes the perfect picture?” hosted by our very own Jacqueline Feyne. All are welcome to attend, and we strongly encourage amateur photographers who are looking for a career in photography to leave their names and contact details at the event, as we are always looking for fresh talent and passionate artists from all over the world!

We are also ecstatic to say that Ellie Phillis, one of our best photographers, recently was awarded the esteemed iPhone Photography Award, for her wonderful picture of Joe Biden in Washington during a press conference! Well done Ellie!

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